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Monitoring Room

Intelligent Security Operation Center

Intelligent Security

Operation Center (ISOC)

Plugout caters to large multi-site corporate and commercial partners. Over the many years of serving these clients, Plugout has identified a need in the market for “virtualized” security operations. Plugout has implemented a virtual environment where security operators, operations, and devices can be remote augmented, supported, and monitored by our remote staff 24/7. The service is tailored to the needs of each client, based on the in-house capabilities, or required outsourced services.

ISOC Benefits

Eliminates the cost burden of high technology

Optimizes Workflow

The ISOC increases efficiency, optimizes workflow, removes the cost burden of high technology, and offloads the busier and mundane tasks of system maintenance. 


the Security Operation becomes a proactive activity vs. a reactive operation that many operate in. 


The ISOC is operated in the Plugout HIVE in New Jersey, USA. The site is staffed 24/7 with elite-operators. The ISOC extends the Plugout technical and support capabilities into your facility.


Increases Efficiency

Lower maintenance and service costs with proactive response.


Increases Efficiency

Monitor service, security operations, and events.


Increases Efficiency

Reduce in house technical staff


Increases Efficiency

Avoid expensive downtime, expensive emergency & after hours repair.


Increases Efficiency

Outsource routine tasks, reporting, investigation, a non-life safety, incident communication


Increases Efficiency

Streamline dependence on internal resources

ISOC Services

Security event monitoring, alarming, and response

Advanced workflows based on customer standard operating procedure

CCTV footage retrieval


Service ticketing and reporting

Long term cloud based archiving​

Proactive service and prioritized routing

24/7 hotline for security and security maintenance issues

Credentialing and badging services

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