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EVAD™ Mini

The Enhanced Visual & Audio Device. The EVAD™ provides the user interface through all security-controlled doors or gates.

What is the EVAD™ Mini?

EVAD™ is an integral part of the Data Center Access control system, the unit generally consists of an IN/OUT Card Reader to allow authorized users into controlled spaces, LED Buzzers to indicate status after badging, and Emergency Door releases that allow the exit through the door without badging used in emergency situations.

EVAD Mini V6 copy.png
Card Reader
HID Rk-40
HID Signo 40
Touch Screen
LED Indicators
Proximity Sensor
Height: 10 inch (111 mm)
Width: 4 inch (101 mm)
Depth: 2.25 inch (57 mm)
Key values:
  • 35% smaller than competitors

  • Improved quality, aesthetics, and user interface

  • Only one tampering switch

  • Significantly lower installation time

  • Programmable through the touch screen

  • LED indicators visible from all directions

  • Unit is on a slight angle for easier access

  • No visible fasteners

EVAD Mini V6 copy111.png

A fully programmable touch screen provides ease of access for servicing and/or programming without opening the unit on site.

Default LED colors are: 

 Red: Access Denied

Green: Access Granted

White: Scan Here

Blinking Blue: Alarm

The audio can be generic alert tones or pre-recorded personalized audio files.
Screen Modes V2.gif
EVAD of Hallways.jpg
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