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Custom Development

Custom Development

Plugout offers in-house custom development solutions. Creating interoperability and data share between disparate systems. Often leveraging investments in legacy systems, providing new utilities and work flow. This includes complex environments, utilities, network monitoring and availability applications, building automation, security applications, including video, access control and intrusion and alarm platforms.

Plugout specializes in "Senior Fusion" bringing multiple types of sensors into custom interfaces, informational dashboards and user interfaces. Such developments leverage on-premise systems, hybrid applications, and full implementation in cloud environments, harnessing the power of Azure, Google, Amazon Web Services, and others. Plugout provides end-to-end support and maintenance of custom integrations to facilitate continuous operations and continuity. ​​

Third party integration with current systems

Improve organizational efficiencies, reduce errors and cut costs.

Point of Sale (POS) Integration

Develop lightweight or custom workflows to improve procedures.

Import export utilities 

Active directory integrations 

Facial recognition, frictionless access control, biometrics

Automate and streamline processes with greater system integrations.

Customize services or applications that meet unique requirements.

Database Consolidation

Access control data migrations

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