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Third Watch™

Quick-deploy Advanced Security Camera

Pole Mnt Rendering - Times Square 01.jpg

Quickly deploy units with our fast connections and easy mounting points. Be running within 15 min. Easily mount to any pole between 6" thru 10" diameter.

Easy access to all internal components:

  • 5 port POE switch

  • Mobile LTE modem

  • Wi-Fi WAN and 10/100m Ethernet port

  • Redundancy hard drive

  • Temperature control chamber

  • Indicator lights

  • General power 110-240VAC

  • Backup battery

  • Universal camera mount

Traffic Surveillance

For streets, cross-sections, and public places. 

Hanwha PNM-9322VQP

5 Channel 2MP / 5MP X 4 + 2MP 32x PTZ

Pepwave 22G

Wi-Fi antenna system with GPS receiver

Site Security

Either a construction site or a parking lot, the quick-deploy Third Watch™ cameras are the perfect low-cost quick solution to protect the site.

Quick Deploy

Designed for installation by one technician.  A hook to keep the unit on the pole with 4 concealed screws inside the unit to secure.

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 2.46.35 PM.png

Parking Security

Weatherproof camera unit that captures every unusual activity and contacts our 24/7 security team.

The opening to access the inside components:

21.5” by 11.5”


The wide opening allows the technician to wire the unit even after installation. The power box’s door fully open inside the camera housing.

The door has weatherproofed gaskets and uses the XT Electronic Medeco Cam Lock.

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