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Analytic Solutions + Plugout AI

Analytic Solutions + Plugout AI

Plugout has deployed advanced technology, critical networks, biometrics,

and analytics since 2007. Long before the term Artificial Intelligence was a common term.
In 2019, Plugout compiled our most advanced
offerings into PLUGOUT AI. Plugout AI is a tailored selection of client specific analytics and sensors, used to offer bespoke solutions for

demanding customers. Plugout AI provides the Best-in-Class analytic solutions that have been fully vetted and evaluated with the strictest of criteria. These solutions include proprietary Plugout products and platforms, as well as the best-in-breed 3rd party options.

Plugout’s experienced AI team provides:

Focused or campus wide analytics

Feasibility and evaluation of analytic applications

Data aggregation, data share, and dashboarding

Tuning, calibration, and optimization of analytic platforms

Consultation and engineered solutions, by the pixel, imager, and device

Sensor and data fusion


Face Recognition​

Low friction access control​

Automated facility response

Ground based radar

Elevated body temperature Measurement

Business analytics

Building automation

IOT/smart solutions

Biometric applications

Demographic analysis​

Perimeter detection and security

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