Plugout offers advanced security products that carry its technologies to improve customer experience. 



Enhanced Visual & Audio Device. Improve your access control experience.

  • Compatible with HID R40 and Signo 40

  • Programmable touch screen

  • Optical sensor to monitor tampering

  • LED indicators

  • Speaker

  • Reader's LED for servicing

  • Single tampering switch

  • Low servicing time

Third Watch™ Cameras

Modular design​

Quickly deploy units with our fast connections and easy mounting points. Be running within 15 min.

Adjustable mounting mechanism​

Easily mount to any pole between ​

6 thru 10-inch diameter.

LED Indicator Light ​

Steady light for normal operation and blinking when offline.


Easy access to all internal components:​

  • 5 port POE switch​

  • Mobile LTE modem ​

  • Wi-Fi WAN and 10/100m Ethernet port​

  • Locator GPS​

  • Redundancy hard drive​

  • Temperature control chamber ​

  • Indicator lights​

  • General power 110-240VAC ​

  • Backup battery​

  • Universal camera mount​



Visitor management kiosks with optional thermal sensors and touchless sign-in process. 

Some key features in our kiosks:

  • Adjustable Camera​

  • Touchless sign-in process

  • Custom branding options

  • Optional thermal sensor 

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